About 18 months ago, I taught myself to code in Ruby on Rails by building a site called WhatIsFresh.com.  WhatIsFresh is a guide to local food and farmers markets in New York City.

Open-Source It?

Some folks have floated me the idea of open-sourcing at least some elements (but maybe all) of the WhatIsFresh code, so that a larger community could make it a more robust (and possibly, national) solution.  

I’m strongly considering this move and wanted to bring it to the Internets to solicit interest and suggestions from developers, designers and anybody else who could contribute in a meaningful way.

WhatIsFresh is Awesome

From my perspective, the project was an incredibly rewarding success.  The New York Times called it the “best guide to what’s available in which Greenmarkets" and Tasting Table said the site "brilliantly makes sense of the dozens of Greenmarkets scattered around Manhattan and Brooklyn.”

Even more importantly, thousands of people use the site every month to find great local food, farmers and markets in New York City.  Google Analytics tells me we’ve had hundreds of thousands of page views over the last 18 months for a site with no budget, no advertising and a focus on only farmers markets in two boroughs of New York City. 

The current site is pretty well designed, user-friendly and provides the best information on markets in New York.  But I think it could do so much more!

What do you think?

I’m excited to hear from people who might be interested in contributing to an open-sourced WhatIsFresh.  If you have ideas, suggestions, concerns, let’s hear em.


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